Razer Atlas Is A Classy Tempered Glass Mouse Pad

The Razer Atlas is an elegant mouse pad for your desk.


Razer has already revealed a few interesting products this year, and its latest follows that trend. The Razer Atlas is a premium mouse pad. Unlike other surfaces for your mouse, the Razer Atlas isn't a piece of neoprene with fancy graphics, as this product is a $100 slab of smooth tempered glass. It's available to order now directly from Razer.

Razer says that the Atlas has been optimized for optical sensors and "specially treated" for quieter swipes, creating a smooth surface. This in turn makes your mouse feel like there is zero resistance, and you won't have to worry about the pad falling off your desk--or moving at all--as it has an anti-slip rubber base.

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The glass surface coating helps the mouse pad combat wear and tear from your repeated movements. It also has the perk of being easily cleaned, so any unforeseen spillages won't cause the discoloration or warping that can sometimes plague traditional mouse pads.

While it's not an extra-large mouse pad, the Atlas still has a respectable length of almost 18 inches, a width of 15.75 inches, and a thickness of 0.19 inches. There's even an embossed Razer logo on the corner.

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